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Browse through our clients’ favorite flower arrangements here! Rose & Blossom is proud to provide client favorites year after year for our customers throughout Spokane, Spokane Valley, and Coeur d’Alene. We love to deliver our favorite bouquets to our neighbors. Depending on when you order, we can often provide same day delivery on our flowers! Learn more about our flower delivery service here.

  • Classic Blooming Beauty

    Classic Blooming Beauty

    Our Blooming Beauty is one of our most popular arrangements. It combines three "fan favorite" flowers: 6 Roses (Choose the color you like), 2 breath-taking Oriental Lilies (Colors may vary) and 1 elegant Hydrangea accented by Wax Flower and seasonal...

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  • True Love's Lily Bouquet

    True Love's Lily Bouquet

    Lilies are a real pleaser! They have a long life and produce a strong floral scent that will fill the room. That is why lilies are a favorite of so many. We keep it simple with this bouquet of all oriental lilies (6 stems) accented with simple greens and...

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  • Signature Dozen Rose Arrangement

    Signature Dozen Rose Arrangement

    This is our signature dozen rose arrangement. We take a dozen long stemmed roses and artfully arrange them with textural greens and fillers in a glass vase. This is the classic way to express love and romance. You can also pick another rose color for any...

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  • Blooming Beauty- Brights

    Blooming Beauty- Brights

    Including the rich tones of a sunset, this beautiful arrangement is designed with 6 Orange roses, 2 Pink Oriental lilies, 1 Green hydrangea and rich greenery, curly willow  28" tall x 16" wide.   DELUXE- Adds $25- 3 more roses, & 2 stems...

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  • Sunset Blossoms

    Sunset Blossoms

    Blossoms of a sunset, with blaze of color -- oranges, pearly pinks, vibrant purples...6 Roses, 2 stems Oriental Lilies, 3 Carnations, 5 linear flowers, and Hydrangea. 24" tall x 16" wide- 

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  • Monet's Garden

    Monet's Garden

    This dreamy pastel color combination is inspired by Monet's paintings.  15" wide x 15" tall  Recipe in shades of Lavender, Pink, and Peach, 1 Hydrangea, 6 Roses, 2 spray roses, 6 carnations, 2 Accent flowers, 2 filler flowers, eucalyptus...

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  • Over the Rainbow

    Over the Rainbow

    The Over The Rainbow design features a rainbow of colors and flowers. (Flowers Vary Season to Season) 16" tall x 16" wide- low and lush- in a Lula vase Recipe Shown: (Subject to change daily, but same look and fee will be kept with colors)- 1...

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  • Pattie's Choice- Artful Custom Design

    Pattie's Choice- Artful Custom Design

    If art is what you are looking for... Pattie is one of our most talented designers. Her thoughtful designs are mostly long and horizontal with lush multiple textures of greenery. Pattie prefers to use seasonal flowers to create arrangements that wow...

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  • Pink Blooming Beauty

    Pink Blooming Beauty

    This popular design features six hot pink roses mixed with hydrangea and oriental lilies- some of our most requested flowers! They are arranged with greens and twigs in a clear glass vase.  Our flower selection varies each week. Our designers may...

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  • Lush Rose Pavé

    Lush Rose Pavé

    Our favorite way to arrange a dozen roses.  Designed low it is a perfect arrangement for on a coffee table, dinner table, or at the office.  A dozen roses are accented by hydrangea and accent blooms.  Choose your color and enjoy this long...

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