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The Impact That Sending a Bouquet Can Have

The Impact That Sending a Bouquet Can Have

28th Dec 2021

It can be difficult to know what exactly to do when someone that you know is experiencing a difficult time or how you should react when they're experiencing a major moment in their lives in general. If you'd like to send a gift to someone, a token of appreciation for whatever they're going through, it's easy to be at a loss. 

Fortunately, there is a go-to tribute that you can send to express the fact that you are thinking of an individual when they're going through something. It could also be used to express a wide variety of feelings; in fact, there used to be a secret language for this particular gift. What is it? A bouquet!

The History Behind Sending Bouquets

In the past, there was a sort of secret history surrounding the language of flowers. People have been sending flowers, whether individually or in bouquets, for centuries. When people weren't culturally permitted to express their true emotions verbally or even through writing, they used flowers. There were plenty of ways that different flowers can be interpreted.

While we often associate flowers like roses with romance today, the messages behind these flowers were once (and to some still are) dependent on the individual shades used. You may actually want to read up on the history of flowers and what they mean before you send out a bouquet. After all, we send bouquets for a variety of different reasons.

What Different Flowers Mean

Even today, people interpret different things through different types of flowers. Red roses, for example, may communicate passion and intense love. White roses may communicate a more pure, less intense kind of love. Daisies, on the other hand, are often sent to those who are sick because of their bright and sunny impression.

No matter what kind of bouquet you send, remember that people will appreciate it. In fact, 88% of those surveyed indicated that just receiving flowers boosted their moods, regardless of the types of flowers they received.

Remember: if you work with a good florist, you can ask them for advice. You don't have to send flowers blindly. Put some thought into it, and you'll be much more likely to make the impression you want. Sending flowers can truly make an impact on the recipient, so call Rose & Blossom to get started today!