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 Get to Know the Loveliest Flowers for Weddings

Get to Know the Loveliest Flowers for Weddings

Posted by Admin on 28th Dec 2023

You're planning your dream wedding and want to decorate with beautiful, fragrant blooms. Flowers can set the tone and style for your special day. When choosing wedding flowers, you'll want varieties that are lovely, meaningful, and match your wedding vision. Here are some of the best flowers for weddings.

Consider Classic Rose Arrangements

Roses are the most traditional and timeless flowers for weddings. They come in many colors, like classic red, white, and pink. Because roses symbolize love, they're ideal for weddings. You can select single-head roses or spray roses for arrangements. Roses look beautiful as bouquet fillers, ceremony displays, and centerpieces. Blush garden roses and peach roses offer soft, romantic shades. Dark crimson roses create rich, elegant arrangements.

Incorporate Sweet Peonies

Peonies have grown in popularity for weddings over the last few years. These lush, ruffled blooms bloom in late spring and early summer. That makes them a prime choice for spring and summer weddings. Peonies symbolize prosperity, good fortune, and bashfulness. Their sweet floral scent and full, cloud-like blossoms make them one of the loveliest flowers you can choose. You can find peonies in white, blush, coral, burgundy, and other rich shades.

Accent With Fragrant Gardenias

Gardenias are a lush, waxy flower with a lovely sweet smell. Their beautiful white petals and deep green leaves provide lovely contrast and texture. They represent purity, gentleness, and refinement. Their sweet, intoxicating fragrance is a plus. These symbolize joy and add a lush, tropical vibe. You can incorporate gardenias into bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and centerpieces. They pair beautifully with roses for wedding arrangements with sweet style and scent.

Say it With Sweet Peas

While sweet peas are less known for weddings, they make amazing bouquet additions. These beautiful, delicate flowers represent pleasure, enjoyment, and bliss - perfect symbols for marriage. Their pastel shades of purple, pink, peach, and cream pair nicely with other wedding flowers. The cascades of sweet peas interspersed with roses and ranunculus make gorgeous, unique bouquets. Sweet pea vines also work nicely accenting altar displays, pew markers, and reception tables.

When choosing your wedding flowers, opt for blooms with beauty, fragrance, and meaning that match your wedding style and vision of romance. With so many options, you can create floral decor that sets the tone for your perfect day. According to IBIS World, measured by revenue, the market size of the florist industry in 2022 was $9 billion. If you're looking to purchase the perfect flowers for weddings, let us help you. Reach out to Rose & Blossom and let's work together to ensure your floral arrangements are everything you've dreamed of.



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