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Spring Means Flowers Here in Eastern Washington!

Posted by Rose & Blossom on 21st Mar 2017

We’re admittedly obsessed with flowers here at Rose & Blossom, your local flower shop. And we’re ecstatic that spring is finally here, because spring brings flower blossoms! If you missed it, the first day of spring is March 20th; so as the seasons shift, you can expect flowers to flourish here in eastern Washington. We love our local wildflowers, which is why we’re taking a bit of time to highlight a few favorites that are prolific here in Spokane and Spokane Valley.

Showy Phlox

Showy Phlox features a fireworks display of small pink flowers. These tiny, delicate flowers have five heart-shaped petals and can be found in bunches throughout eastern Washington. Showy Phlox usually bloom in April.

Fuzzytongue Penstemon

Fuzzytongues look just as they sound. These odd, pinkish purple flowers are mouth-shaped and they feature a pistil that has a bit of fuzz on its tip. You can often see bees seeking nectar at the base of this penstemon flower. Fuzzytongue Penstemons generally flower throughout May.

Sand Springbeauty

The Sand Springbeauty is similar to the Showy Phlox in its size and shape. These five-petalled flowers are white and feature small pink staman. Sand Springbeauties have long, brown-to-rust-colored stems, and they blossom en masse. You can usually see Sand Springbeauties blooming in April.

Yellow Bells

Yellow Bells are aptly named. These yellow, bell-shaped flowers hang off of their long green stems. Expect to see yellow bells growing in April.

Trumpet Bluebells

Trumpet Bluebells are uniquely gorgeous. These flowers blossom in tight clusters, where a cluster of flowers will all attach to the same stem. Trumpet Bluebells are blue and purple, and the flowers of a single plant may be varied in color and shade. Look for the one-of-a-kind Trumpet Bluebell come April.

Prairie Star

Prairie Star flowers are small, white and light-pink flowers that grow in small groups. The stems of these flowers are distinctly red. Prairie Star flowers tend to bloom in April and May.

Lowland Sagebrush Buttercup

The Lowland Sagebrush Buttercup is a small, yellow, seemingly innocent flower. However, this beautiful flower is actually quite toxic - don’t touch or consume the flower. Lowland Sagebrush Buttercups have five petals and bulbous pistil and stamen at the center of the flower. You can see these flowers blooming in March.

Cutleaf Thelypody

The Cutleaf Thelypody flower has a strange name, and it has a strange shape. The Cutleaf Thelypody features a very long stem with a thin, conical arrangement of tiny purple and white flowers. Cutleaf Thelypody flowers tend to blossom in May.

Spearleaf Stonecrop

Spearleaf Stonecrop flowers are strange in more ways than one. These flowers feature a many-leaved red stem. At the top of the stem reside a number of small, yellowish-green flowers. Spearleaf Stonecrop blossoms throughout the summer.

Rose & Blossom Flower Arrangements

Here at Rose & Blossom, we love flowers, especially the local flowers here in that pop up in the spring here in and around Spokane! Check back soon for more flower news and, as always, count on our flower shop for picturesque flower arrangements, all available for delivery throughout Spokane, Spokane Valley, and Coeur d'Alene!