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New Year Decoration Ideas: 7 Blooms To Bring You Luck!

New Year Decoration Ideas: 7 Blooms To Bring You Luck!

Posted by Rose & Blossom on 13th Jan 2020

We’ve entered another year, and another decade! What better time to make fresh resolutions, like filling your home with more bright and beautiful flowers? Or making 2020 the year that you lavish your loved ones with flowers on all their special occasions! We’ve come up with a list of all the best flowers to include in your arrangements this year in order to bring luck, life, and happiness to everyone around you!

Lucky Flowers for the New Year

1. Peonies

Peonies are breathtaking perennials that are a classic florist favorite. They usually bloom in the spring to summer seasons. They love the sun and hibernate in cold winters. Depending on the variety, their scent ranges from rose-like to lemony, while their colors go from white to a deep wine red.

Peonies are supposed to be a symbol of good fortune, riches, and happy marriage. Planted, you can enjoy these blooms for many decades. When cut, the beautiful blossoms last for about a week.

2. Jasmine

A favorite in wedding bouquets, jasmine flowers offer up plenty of romance and fragrance in each tiny white to yellow bud. Their long tendrils add a sense of movement to any bouquet, and they continue to give off plenty of fragrance long after they are picked.

3. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas bloom at different times of the year, depending on the location, but they should start offering up their beautiful flowers from November to January. These fluffy blossoms add fullness and beauty to any floral arrangement. 

Cut hydrangeas can last for many days if you put their stems in hot water for 30 seconds before placing in warm temperature water.

4. Roses

These deeply fragrant flowers have many meanings depending on the color, with red roses being a universal symbol for love. For good luck, try adding some yellow roses to your floral arrangement, or even a Circus rose which is a eye-catching yellow rose with red tipped petals. 

You can enjoy these delicately scented blooms for about a week. 

5. Chrysanthemums

Also known as “mums,” these flowers are said to bring a life of ease and success. They have a vibrant, intense energy that will boost your mood and bring cheer and color into your life! 

Mums are some of the most beautiful perennials around, but it’s not just beauty that makes them everyone’s favorite flower: mums can stay fresh for up to two weeks in a floral arrangement! 

6. Orchids

Orchids are exotic and graceful flowers that were popular in ancient Greece for symbolizing virility and fertility. In other parts of the world, these delicate blooms are believed to usher in prosperity and good luck.

Orchids are long-lasting flowers that will beautify your home for up to several weeks, when freshly cut. 

7. Magnolias

Did you know magnolia are one of the oldest flowering trees in the world? Magnolia fossils have been found at dated as thousands of years old.  These trees have a toughness and strength that has helped them survive and thrive for thousands of years, but their soft flowers exude gentleness and femininity.

Different shades of magnolias represent different things: for good fortune and health, get them in yellow.

More Lucky Flower Decor to Ring in The New Year

Here are some additional floral New Year decoration ideas to help you out. These flowers may not last as long as other blooms, but they are considered to be very lucky, and will bring a spot of brightness to any home!

1. Daffodils/Narcissus

As perennial flowers that are one of the first to blossom after winter frost, daffodils have become associated with rebirth and new beginnings. 

Daffodils have vibrant yellow hues that will bring cheer to any room. Usually, they only last three days in a bouquet, but if properly cared for, they can reach up to five.

2. Morning Glory

Most morning glories are summer blooms, but some species survive winters. They are believed to bring harmony, good luck, and happiness to any home. 

These flowers offer a bright burst of color in any home, but they only last a short while. The flowers bloom in the morning and close in the afternoon of the same day.

Prepare Your Home for the New Year

At Rose & Blossom, our flower specialists would be thrilled to help you pick out the best blooms to bring a bright color and a fresh fragrance to your home this year. Call our shop at (509) 921-7673 to order your own special 2020 celebratory arrangement today!