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The Meaning of the Red Rose

Posted by Rose & Blossom on 30th Jan 2017

It’s February! And Valentine’s Day marks the center of this most romantic month of the year (Actually, August is considered National Romance Month! Who would have guessed?). With Valentine’s Day, Cupid soars from the clouds; dozens of roses cascade out of bouquets; and chocolate sales spike (Did you know that Americans purchase nearly 60 million pounds of chocolate during the week of Valentine’s?). But there’s no more prominent symbol of Valentine’s day than the rose. So why do we give roses? This is why roses are the best gift for Valentine’s Day:

Roses Embody Your Love

A rose is worth a thousand words, and one in particular: Love. Since the 17th century (and possibly prior), Valentine’s Day has been marked by the simple act of giving flowers to a loved one. And the rose has always dominated the holiday, since it's recognized as a flower that symbolizes pure love. Beyond that, roses also symbolize passion, devotion, honor, and faith. So in effect, the rose represents undying love and passion. However, it’s time to mention that all roses weren’t created equal. Lets dive into the meaning behind various colors of roses, including the red rose (the biggest Valentine’s Day staple).

The Yellow Rose

Giving a yellow rose displays friendship, joy, and good health. It’s akin to feelings that the sun brings us. Yellow roses are appropriate for giving thanks, wishing someone good luck, celebrating an accomplishment, or showing your gratitude for someone’s friendship.

The Orange Rose

The gift of an orange rose symbolizes passion and enthusiasm, and it’s an appropriate gift to say thanks. If you’re bubbling with joy, you can express your enthusiasm and passion with an orange rose bouquet.

The White Rose

White is a color of purity, and it can represent new beginnings, marriage, or spirituality. White roses capture some of the biggest events in life, including weddings, birthday celebrations, the new year, and even funerals.

The Pink Rose

Similar to the red rose, a pink rose represents love. In addition, it embodies gratitude and appreciation, making it the perfect go-to as a gift to recognize someone who has had a positive impact in your life.

The Red Rose

The red rose is arguably the most powerful rose. It expresses deep love and passion. It’s a symbol of undying love, making it completely romantic in its meaning. Giving a red rose (or a dozen red roses!) is the perfect traditional way to show your deepest emotions for the love of your life. Your love will elate at the beauty and fragrance that only a red rose can deliver.

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