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3 Things You Should Know About Flower Meanings

3 Things You Should Know About Flower Meanings

21st Nov 2022

Flower bouquets are lovely gifts, whether you get them for someone or someone gets them for you. You may even buy yourself some flowers. In fact, if you're a woman who buys herself flowers on Valentine's Day, you're not alone, as nearly 14% of women do the same! But even outside Valentine's Day, a bouquet is almost always welcome. Since flowers for bouquets have various meanings, let's review a few key facts about flower meanings before you place an order.

Meanings Can Change

Flower meanings can change over time, often to a more positive meaning. Yellow roses used to mean someone was jealous of you, but now they represent friendship, which is a pretty major switch. If you're looking to get your friend a bouquet to show support, a bouquet of yellow roses will do the trick!

The Color and Type of Flower Both Influence Meaning

Flowers have different meanings, but some of those flowers have different meanings based on color, too. For example, a deep red rose symbolizes romantic love, but a white rose represents purity. A yellow rose is a symbol of friendship in its modern meaning, but a purple rose can represent mystery. Look for the flowers, yes, but also check if the color means anything; do not assume color variations are the same across flowers! A red carnation, for example, is flashy, according to About Flowers, but a white carnation represents remembrance. Be wary of what you choose based on the seriousness of the event you're purchasing a bouquet for.

Flower Meanings Can Vary By Culture

You may want to double-check flower meanings if you're giving the flowers to someone who is from a different country or of another culture. Flower meanings can change, and you want to be sure you're not accidentally sending the wrong message. For example, marigolds in the U.S. can mean a desire for riches, according to About Flowers, but in Mexico, they represent how brief life can be, according to Lady of the Lake University. These are the Day of the Dead flowers and probably not something you want to give when wishing them a long, happy marriage, right? Double-check the meaning so that you know your bouquets will be happily accepted!

No matter the occasion, there is a flower that is the best choice for a bouquet. Look carefully at flower meanings to find the ones that send an accurate message. To learn more, contact Rose & Blossom today! We look forward to assisting you.



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