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For Flowers that say what you feel, Rose & Blossom is the perfect choice. With two locations serving Spokane, WA & Spokane Valley, WA, we are among the area's largest and favorite florists.

Rose & Blossom started in Spokane in 1992, and has received a number of awards over the years from various newspapers and publications naming Rose & Blossom the area's favorite florist.

At Rose & Blossom, we are committed to quality and service. Our 100% satisfaction Guarantee is our personal commitment to creating long term relationships with our customers.

3 Tips for Making the Perfect Surprise Bouquet

3 Tips for Making the Perfect Surprise Bouquet

25th Jan 2023

Surprise bouquets are a wonderful way to put a smile on anyone's face. In fact, according to the Society of American Florists, about 83% of consumers enjoy receiving flowers as a surprise. Here are some tips for creating a surprise bouquet that is sure to please.

1. Choose the Right Flowers

Get creative with the flowers you choose for your bouquet. Consider the reason that you are creating it, as flowers have special meaning and significance. For example, red roses are a symbol of love, the peace lily is a symbol of renewed life and hope, and white roses are a symbol of peace. Of course, some flowers symbolize happiness, like sunflowers. Choose flowers that represent the message you are trying to convey. Of course, you can always choose flowers by the color or the style that you like as well.

2. Consider the Arrangement Style

Do you want the bouquet to have a cascading style with greenery spilling over the side, or do you want something a little tighter? The types of flowers that you choose will help you design your bouquet. Start in the middle and work your way out.

Larger blooms and tight buds should be alternated. Consider following the floral design's "thrill, fill, and spill" effect. The "thrill" is the large blooms, the "fill" is the smaller and the greenery, and the "spill" is trailing greens that spill over the side of the bouquet. It is an easy design to follow.

3. Don't Forget the Enhancements

Enhancements can be as simple as the ribbon your tie around the bouquet or as elaborate as a vase to place the bouquet in. Wrap your bouquet in lovely wrapping paper, tie it with a large satin ribbon, and add a sweet note.

While the flowers are the show stoppers in any bouquet, the enhancements are a very nice professional touch. Enhancements can help deliver the message you want to convey. For example, a surprise birthday bouquet with a pick tucked in the flowers that say "happy birthday" is a good example of how to use enhancements.

Surprise bouquets are appropriate for any occasion. Of course, you don't need an occasion to let someone know you are thinking about them. Send a surprise bouquet today by contacting Rose & Blossom!