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For Flowers that say what you feel, Rose & Blossom is the perfect choice. With two locations serving Spokane, WA & Spokane Valley, WA, we are among the area's largest and favorite florists.

Rose & Blossom started in Spokane in 1992, and has received a number of awards over the years from various newspapers and publications naming Rose & Blossom the area's favorite florist.

At Rose & Blossom, we are committed to quality and service. Our 100% satisfaction Guarantee is our personal commitment to creating long term relationships with our customers.

4 Things to Know About Flowers Nowadays

4 Things to Know About Flowers Nowadays

19th Dec 2022

Gifting flowers is the perfect way to show your love, admiration, and appreciation for someone. You can give them on special occasions, anniversaries, or just a random day to make someone feel happy. While you may know a few things about flowers, here are a few things you can still learn.

1. The Industry Is Big Business

Flowers are becoming an increasingly popular purchase. According to Global Newswire, the global floral market is estimated to reach about $48 million by 2030. Many people prefer buying flowers online, as it is more convenient and easier to compare flower prices. Buying flowers online also involves delivery services, making it easier than ever to gift a friend or loved one a flower arrangement from your favorite flower shop. All you need to do is place an online order! Because of technology's assistance in this area, the flower industry continues to blossom.

2. Flower Buying Trends

Consumer buying trends of flower products are also changing over time. For instance, flower bouquets and arrangements used to be the most popular flower purchases in the past, but now many people prefer cut flowers. These flower products are becoming increasingly popular because they offer more variety and affordability.

3. Flowers Have Meaning

Each flower sends a different message, as red symbolizes love, white means innocence, and yellow symbolizes friendship. Additionally, some flower varieties have specific meanings, like roses meaning romance or lilies symbolizing sympathy. Therefore, if you're looking to express a certain feeling, a flower shop professional can help you find the perfect floral gift.

4. Flowers Last Different Amounts of Time

Typically, flower arrangements last about 10 days, according to Garden Guides, although the lifespan can vary depending on flower type and care. However, certain varieties like tulips, carnations, and daffodils last significantly longer than other flower types. To increase life expectancy, it's important to avoid extreme temperatures or direct sunlight. Also, change the water every two days.

As you can see, there are many exciting things to learn about flowers. From flower buying trends to flower meanings and flower care, these are just a few of the things you didn't know about flowers nowadays. Visit our professional flower shop for beautiful blooms and advice on care today! Our team here at Rose & Blossom is happy to assist you.