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7 Mistakes to Avoid When Organizing a Flower Delivery

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Organizing a Flower Delivery

15th Sep 2021

Flower bouquet packages are an excellent way to convey your emotions to the ones you love. According to a survey by the Society of American Florists, 86% of respondents say that receiving flowers made them feel special, while 83% prefer receiving them as a surprise. 92% of women even remember the last time they received flowers! Fresh, sweet-smelling blooms can help express yourself way better than words could.

You may not have an opportunity to rush to different Spokane flower shops to find the right gift basket. Online flower delivery services are a convenient option, allowing you to send your bouquet to your loved one from wherever you are. At times, the delivery can go awry if not properly planned for.

Here are pitfalls to avoid when organizing a flower delivery in Spokane.

1. Not Researching the Flower Shop

You may need to make a statement with your flower basket. Sending the right message may depend on the floral arrangement and timing of the delivery-both that hinge on the skills of the florist. You may need to find more information about the flower shop. What are their delivery routes? Can they offer an express delivery option? What do past clients say about their delivery services? What type of online payment methods do they accept? Finding answers to such questions can help smoothen the ordering process.

2. Failing to Double Check the Delivery Address

You would be surprised by the sheer number of customers that get the delivery address wrong. Failing to verify the recipient’s address results in avoidable delays, which may affect the quality of the blooms being delivered. You can avoid incomplete or inaccurate delivery addresses by counterchecking the information entered before clicking the "purchase" button on the website.

3. Going Cheap

You may have a predetermined amount of money that you wish to spend on your loved one’s bouquet. While it’s important to find a floral shop in Spokane that fits within your budget limits, avoid settling for a crappy flower basket just to save some coins. The excitement and smile on your recipient’s face may be priceless. Pick out the freshest and prettiest blooms to send the right message to your loved one.

4. Having Your Eyes Set on Roses Only

Don’t get us wrong. Roses have a timeless elegance and beauty tag attributed to them. However, the rose bouquet may not spark a thought of ingenuity on your side. Local flower shops in Spokane stock a variety of blooms and carnations on their inventory. The florists from the flower delivery service can help pick other flower species and arrangements to help send your message home. Thinking outside of the box can help elicit a delightful reaction from your loved one.

5. Rushing for the Last Minute-Order

Some customers wrongfully believe that online flower delivery services are a nice last-minute surprise option for their loved one. Failing to plan for the delivery may lead to you placing the order in a rush. Chances are that the details provided will contain errors that may delay the delivery. Order early to provide the florist with enough time to arrange and deliver fresh blooms to your loved one in time.

6. Forgetting to Add a Personal Touch

The personalization of the flower bouquet plays an important role in conveying your message. Adding minor details such as handwritten notes and small gifts can help set your flower basket apart from other deliveries. If you want to impress the recipient, add little touches that show you were thinking about them when picking out their gift.

7. Using the Same Type of Flower Arrangement Every Time

It’s important to switch up the arrangement every now and then. Send a variety of colors of flowers to give your loved one an unusual experience. Ask your florist for suggestions regarding how the arrangement should look like. While rare species usually cost more than others, it can help maintain interest amidst constant flower deliveries.

Flowers are an excellent way to convey your love and care. Avoiding the seven pitfalls above may set you up for a flawless delivery. To organize a floral delivery in Spokane, reach out to Rose & Blossom.



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