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A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Floral Arrangements

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Floral Arrangements

29th Aug 2023

Unless you are a professional florist yourself, you probably feel a little lost when it comes to choosing the perfect flower arrangement for an occasion. This is one of the great ways that a florist can help you. These professionals have years of experience and training in not only arranging flowers but also in choosing blooms for the occasion. Let’s look at a few things you should consider when you are in need of a special arrangement.

Consider the Occasion

The occasion will be the biggest deciding factor when choosing a flower arrangement. Flowers are appropriate for just about any type of occasion, but the types of flowers and the way they are arranged will definitely matter. This is one of the main reasons why you should reach out and connect with a local florist. Once you share with them the particular occasion you need the arrangement for, they will be able to offer helpful suggestions to guide you in the right direction for wedding flowers, funeral arrangements, birthday blooms, and more.

Consider the Recipient

You’ll also want to consider the recipient. Many people have flower preferences, aversions, and allergies. Take some time to get acquainted with these details to ensure that when you do make a flower purchase for them, you are getting something that will really feel special. Flower allergies are especially important to know so that you don’t make your loved one sick. You should share with the florist the details you know about the recipient’s preferences, aversions, or allergies.

Consider the Budget

It’s okay to keep a budget in mind when you are purchasing flowers. Just like with any type of purchase, you likely have a desired price range in mind. You should share this with the florist upfront so that they don’t waste your time with arrangements that are out of the budget. This is an especially important step for larger occasions, like instances when you need wedding flowers or arrangements for a loved one's calling hours.

If you are looking for a local florist specializing in funeral, birthday, get well, just because, and wedding flowers in the Spokane Valley area, please give us a call. Our trained staff here at Rose & Blossom is ready to help you with all of your flower purchases.



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