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Exploring Symbolism and Meanings in Floristry

Exploring Symbolism and Meanings in Floristry

29th Aug 2023

Flowers have always held special meanings. In addition to simply being enjoyed for their beauty and elegance, you can also choose specific flowers to send specific messages. Flower symbolism has been a long-held tradition and florists today still use many ancient types of symbolism to help customers create the perfect bouquet to express their feelings to someone special. Let’s look at the meaning and symbolism beyond four popular types of flowers.


You obviously can’t have a conversation about flower symbolism without talking about the queen of all flowers, the rose. Since ancient times, roses have been a symbol of love. Often chosen to express affection, the color and the number of roses that are shared with one another can say a lot about the depth or type of affection being expressed. Classic red roses are the historical symbol of true love and desire, while pink often carries the message of gratitude and general admiration. White roses often signify purity or innocence which is why they are often chosen for weddings or new beginnings such as the birth of a child. A local flower shop can help you pick the perfect roses!


Lilies are often considered to be one of the most graceful flowers and are rich with meaning and symbolism. Lilies represent beauty, purity, and even rebirth in a spiritual sense. Lilies carry a multitude of meanings depending on culture and religion. Lilies are often used in funeral arrangements, as they also signify the hope of new life or the afterlife.


Sunflowers are always synonymous with joy. Their vibrant bursts of color represent happiness, positivity, and optimism. Sunflowers can immediately brighten up a space or brighten up a day. Sunflowers are often chosen when you wish to cheer up the recipient and bring a smile to their face. Historically, this flower symbolizes loyalty, devotion, and strong bonds of friendship.


Tulips have many different meanings and are sometimes considered a melting pot of emotions or expressions of emotions in the world of floristry. Most often, though, tulips are a representation of perfect love. This makes the tulip a great choice for anniversary flowers. Tulips can hold different meanings based on their color as well. Red signifies love and passion while yellow is symbolic of cheerfulness and friendship. According to Foliage Friend, purple tulips are associated with royalty or admiration.

Our florists at Rose & Blossom are ready to help you create the perfect symbolic bouquet. Give us a call today to learn more!



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