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How Florists Create Great Floral Centerpieces

How Florists Create Great Floral Centerpieces

27th Sep 2022

Flowers are beautiful, pleasant, sentimental, meaningful, and great for any occasion. They are the most valued surprise gifts to send to your loved ones anytime and anywhere. According to the Society of American Florists, 83% of people who love flowers like receiving them without notice as it makes them feel someone somewhere cares about them. So, if you want to wow your loved ones, find out how a florist prepares a floral centerpiece before you send it to your loved ones. Here is a quick guide to how experienced florists create bouquets and centerpieces for many.

Choose Your Flowers Carefully

The first step is all up to you! Before the florist creates a great floral centerpiece, you need to choose the right flowers for the job. Though you can use any flower you wish, experts recommend using long-lasting flowers with a pleasant scent. When selecting such flowers, think about the mood you want to create and pick flowers that can help imbue pleasant moods.

Use the Right Container

You also have to choose a container for your centerpiece and think about how much space you have available and the number of flowers you'll use. You don't want to overcrowd your table with flowers, and you also don't want to leave space in your centerpiece either.

Your container or bowl should be large enough to accommodate the intended flowers and small enough to maximize your table space. Finally, it should be tall to allow some room for water.

Arrange the Flowers

Now comes the fun part of the florist arranging your flowers in the vase you chose. A rule of thumb many florists go by is to begin by using the larger blooms. Doing so will help form the focal point and overall shape of the arrangement. Once they’re done with the large blooms, they will then add the smaller accent flowers. While arranging the flowers, they’ll rotate the vase and ensure the flowers are spread out evenly to create a beautiful view from any angle.

Fill in the Space

If there’s a little bit of space left over, florists will fill any empty spaces in your floral centerpiece with greenery. They will use fresh herbs, grasses, or small branches. Adding some greenery to the flower arrangement makes it look even more natural.

Whether you want flowers to add a sense of appeal to your space or would like to gift flowers to your friends, the above is the criteria many florists live by. If you’re looking for a florist to create your next centerpiece, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!



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