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How Flowers Can Have a Positive Impact on Mental Health

How Flowers Can Have a Positive Impact on Mental Health

26th Jul 2023

Flowers are one of the best things about nature. They come in many varieties, colors, and smells that can please anyone. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health concerns, going to one of your local flower shops may help them improve. Here are some ways how.

Create Positive Emotions

When you walk into a room or garden filled with lovely blooms, it's hard to feel angry. Flowers can make people feel positive emotions as we associate flowers with things like life/rebirth, spring, weddings, and nature. Certain flower colors even have specific meetings. For example, yellow flowers represent friendship, while lilies are associated with femininity .

Improve Mood

According to the Society of American Foresters, 69% of Americans say the sight and smell of flowers can improve their mood. Remember, flowers are often beautiful and colorful. They have a range of scents that can easily put someone at ease. According to Education Team Flower, Chrysanthemums can help with depression.

Aid Sleep

The lavender flower's scent and purple hue simultaneously work to relax everyone around it, as does jasmine. These can assist in aiding your sleep as they have strong relaxation qualities. Poor sleep has been linked to increased stress and anxiety. According to the Sleep Foundation, you should get between 7 to 9 hours of restful sleep at night. Putting flowers in your room or throughout your home can help create an environment where sleep won't be an issue.

Enhance the Environment

Both your work and residential environment can do a lot to improve or detract from your mental health. For example, if your work or home space is not in the state you want it, flowers can bring a bright new energy into the area. When you have a clean room or space accented with blooms from the local flower shops, you'll be in a healthier environment.

Local flower shops are ideal places to go when you want to help somebody who's feeling down, anxious, or depressed. Flowers carry a great deal of symbolism, beauty, and scents that positively affect the brain. So if you're ready to buy a bunch of roses or lavender bouquets, or need help deciding the best ones to get for yourself or someone you care about, visit our local florist today. We'll use our flower expertise to give you the perfect bloom arrangement.



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