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How to Find the Right Local Florist

How to Find the Right Local Florist

27th Jul 2022

When it comes to ordering flowers for a big event like a wedding or funeral, finding the right local florist can be tricky. The cost of memorial flowers varies according to the complexity or size of the arrangement. You can gift a simple plant for only $29.95, while a decent floral arrangement is between $50 and $80. The cost of a large casket spray can exceed $200, while the price of a standing spray can surpass $100. With these average prices in mind, you don't want to overspend and receive a poor experience with lackluster bouquets. So, here are some tips to help you choose among your local florists.

Perform Online Research

Most national flower companies have websites where you can search for their flower options. While they may not carry everything you'd hope for locally, at least you can narrow down your choices. If you're looking for something specific, such as red roses, enter keywords like "red roses" or "roses" into the search box. You'll probably have a few options, so take them out to browse. Check out customer reviews before choosing who to work with. If possible, ask if they offer same-day deliveries.

Ask Around

When searching for a local florist, word of mouth is still one of the best ways to go, so ask people you trust for recommendations. The same goes for other businesses. Ask if anyone knows of any great florists in your area. Chances are that other people have had experiences with floral shops before.

Check Local Newspaper Ads

Many florists post their services in grocery stores, restaurants, and community centers throughout town. Also, many local florists offer printed lists of services and prices for customers to pick up. Newspaper advertisements remain one of the best methods for florists to market their services.

Call Local Facilities

Floral shops aren't always listed in phone books or near big cities. Try calling local businesses, hospitals, gas stations, convenience stores, and restaurants to learn about nearby flower vendors. That way, you might hear about florists willing to deliver, no matter how small the selection.

Flowers can add color and cheer to everyday life, and they're also a big purchase for an event like a funeral. If you're looking for beautiful bouquets to celebrate a loved one's life, contact us today!



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