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How to Personalize a Birthday Bouquet Gift

How to Personalize a Birthday Bouquet Gift

25th Jan 2023

Whether it is your partner, a family member, or a friend who has an upcoming birthday to celebrate, a personalized bouquet might be the perfect gift. Gifting a bouquet can help communicate deep feelings, provide beautiful decorations for the celebrant's home, and improve their mood. For example, according to the Society of American Florists, 88% believe their mood changes for the better after a gift of flowers! With this in mind, personalizing a birthday bouquet can make the gift more intentional and meaningful. Keep reading to learn four tips to personalize a birthday bouquet.

Include Balloons

In addition to making the birthday bouquet more festive and extravagant, balloons can be taken off the vase and added as decorations during birthday celebrations. With the various types of balloons to purchase, choose a style according to the celebrant's personality or party theme. Add the balloons to the bouquet by simply tying them around the vase.

Add a Bottle of Wine

With celebrations in full swing, adding a bottle of wine with the birthday bouquet gift might be just the ticket. Purchase a wine that is the celebrant's favorite, or choose one that is the same color as the flowers incorporated into the bouquet. Place the wine bottle in the same gift bag as the bouquet or carry both items separately when entering their birthday celebration.

Add a Box of Chocolates

If you know that the gift receiver is an avid candy lover, adding a box of chocolates will be perfect. There are many chocolate boxes to purchase. Choices include small or large and varied or individualized selections. Choose this personalization feature depending on what you believe would be your celebrant's preference. Similar to a wine bottle, you can add both items into a gift bag for easy wrapping.

Include a Plush Toy

In addition to a beautiful bouquet, a plush toy will complete the gift and be the perfect thing to bring to the celebration. The plush toy can be a lasting symbol of your gift and the previous birthday celebrations. Some popular plush toy characters to incorporate into a birthday bouquet include teddy bears, dogs, and cartoon characters. Incorporate a plush toy by attaching it to the vase or integrating it among the blooms.

The meaning of flowers makes them the perfect gift for those closest to you. Add one (or more!) of these features above to make the present even more special! Contact Rose & Blossom to place an order today.



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