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For Flowers that say what you feel, Rose & Blossom is the perfect choice. With two locations serving Spokane, WA & Spokane Valley, WA, we are among the area's largest and favorite florists.

Rose & Blossom started in Spokane in 1992, and has received a number of awards over the years from various newspapers and publications naming Rose & Blossom the area's favorite florist.

At Rose & Blossom, we are committed to quality and service. Our 100% satisfaction Guarantee is our personal commitment to creating long term relationships with our customers.

How to Pick Out the Best Flower Shops

How to Pick Out the Best Flower Shops

29th Aug 2022

How do you choose the right flower shops? This is a question that many people have to find an answer to whether they are searching for flowers for a wedding, a funeral, or to send a much-appreciated gift. Flower shops are a great resource for all types of gifts and events. Follow these tips for choosing the best flower shops.

Read Reviews

On Mother's Day alone there was $1.9 billion spent on flowers according to Greenhouse Mag. That number alone indicates how many resources there are to purchase flowers. One of the easiest ways to narrow down the number of flower shops to choose from is to read reviews.

Reading reviews can be very revealing. You can learn things about the quality of flowers, how the florist handles deliveries, what type of arrangement styles they are known for, and more. The right flower shop will have a great reputation for providing exceptional services.

Ask the Right Questions

When you're deciding on which flower shop to choose, you want to ask the right questions. You should ask questions about costs, delivery turnaround time, and what types of flowers they have access to. It is important that you ask all the right questions to help you make an informed decision.

The right shop will be happy to answer your questions. If you find a shop that wants to answer your questions and work with you, it is a good indicator that it is a shop you should be considering. Ask the questions.

Consider Your Budget

Prices can vary widely from one flower shop to another. In some cases, a flower shop can have higher prices simply because of the shop's reputation as a “boutique” type of shop. When you're choosing a flower shop you must consider your budget.

There are plenty of affordable options out there. Affordability does not mean sacrificing quality. There are plenty of flower shops that offer high-quality flowers, great floral designs, and other great services at a very affordable price point.

Giving some thought to choosing the right flower shop is essential. If you follow these tips it will make it easier to find the perfect shop to meet your needs. Contact Rose & Blossom to start your search today.