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July Birthday Flowers and Their Meanings

July Birthday Flowers and Their Meanings

5th Jul 2024

If you have a birthday coming up in July, you may be wondering - what is the birth flower for July? What do different bloom options symbolize? Read on to learn about July birthday flower meanings to help you pick the perfect arrangement from your local flower shops. After all, according to the Society of American Florists, 69% of Americans say the sight and smell of flowers can improve their mood!


One of the main July birthday flowers is larkspur, which has beautiful blossoms that come in a variety of colors, like pink, purple, blue, and white. Larkspurs represent open-heartedness and ardent attachment. Their bold colors also symbolize strong passion. If you have a loved one with a July birthday, surprise them with a bouquet of fresh larkspur arranged by your local flower shops. The bright colors will cheer them up and convey your affection.

Water Lily

Another floral option for July birthdays is the water lily, which naturally grows in water gardens and ponds. Water lilies are said to represent purity, majesty, and fertility. The bright white or pink flowers floating elegantly on water create a serene image. For a unique gift, visit your local flower shops and request water lilies planted in a small container pond. The mini aquatic garden will delight any July birthday boy or girl.


Bold and beautiful delphinium blooms also represent July birthdays. Their name comes from the Greek word for “dolphin” resembling the shape. Delphinium conveys lightness, fun, and levity - perfect for summertime birthdays. Ask your local flower shops to design a July birthday bouquet featuring delphinium as the centerpiece. The arrangement will remind them of lazy summer days and beach holidays.


Lastly, the bright sunflower makes a fun alternative July birthday flower. Sunflowers represent longevity, loyalty, and longevity. Their cheery yellow petals evoke the warmth of summer. For July birthdays, gift a stunning sunflower bouquet from local flower shops or plant sunflowers in their garden for year-round enjoyment. The happy blooms will lift their spirits every time they look at them.

With stunning options like larkspur, water lilies, delphinium, and sunflowers, there are so many ways to reflect the vibe of a July birthday with flowers. Visit your local flower shops and pick a floral arrangement that shares a heartfelt message. The July birthday boy or girl will feel special knowing you selected flowers just for them. Visit Rose & Blossom to find the perfect floral options.



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