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Key Insights and Trends in the Floristry Industry

Key Insights and Trends in the Floristry Industry

28th Sep 2023

The florist industry continues to grow and advance in terms of technology and sustainability, which is great news for customers and businesses alike. Often, prices are trending down while quality is going up, helping consumers protect their wallets. This is true whether you’re looking for flowers for Valentine’s Day, bouquets for brides, or decorations for the office, among other things. Businesses, meanwhile, can enjoy increased cost savings and potentially more customers. Let’s look at some key trends in the flower industry.

The Flower Industry Will Enjoy Steady Growth

Florist Review reports that demand for cut flowers will enjoy annual compound growth of nearly 6% through 2030. By the time that year rolls around, sales are projected to total roughly $48 billion. Interestingly enough, much of the increased supply to meet rising demand is likely to come from emerging markets, whereas traditionally countries like the Netherlands have dominated the industry.

Social Sustainability Is Major Focus

Demand for flowers presents a potentially profitable and sustainable venture for many emerging markets. Organizations like the Fairtrade Foundation are working to ensure that growth in the flower industry benefits emerging markets by providing high-paying jobs and emphasizing sustainable, environmentally friendly operations. This could help ensure that supply chains benefit societies as a whole.

Local Flower Shops Should Enjoy Healthy Revenues

There’s a fair chance that if you go buy bouquets for brides or supplies to decorate your home or office, you’ll turn to a local florist. The market size, measured by revenue, of the florist industry was $9 billion in 2022, according to IBIS World, and it's only expected to grow. Finding good staff may be a challenge, but many florists take the time to carefully vet potential employees.

Online Sales Marketing Are Crucial

More and more people are buying flowers online. This is true even if they’re working with local florist companies. Many customers will order online and then pick up their goods at the local store. Or they might request local delivery. Either way, it’s wise for local floral shops big and small to invest in and beef up their online operations.

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