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The Best Flowers for Centerpieces in Spring

The Best Flowers for Centerpieces in Spring

26th Feb 2024

Spring will be here shortly, which means more flowers blooming. What better way to welcome the season of rebirth than with a classic centerpiece? Whether hosting a wedding or party or you want your home to look and smell special, you should check out floral centerpieces. Here are the best flowers for centerpieces in spring.


According to the Society of American Florists, 88% of people say gifting flowers can help improve their mood. There's no greater cheerful flower than the sunflower. Sunflowers make their presence known by their sheer size and resemblance to the sun, which they're named after! Bold yellow petals and dark centers provide an amazing contrast and warmth to any table or event. They also create a rustic natural ambiance perfect for a farm-themed wedding.


Tulips are known for their unique cup or bell-like shape and long graceful stems. Some even have multiple layers of petals that add to their existing beauty. They come in various colors and styles like the Triumph Tulips, Parrot Tulips, Lily Flower Tulips, and the simplest one, Single Early Tulips. Add some symbolism since tulips are associated with rebirth and Easter due to their presence in Christian mythology.


With their resemblance to water vessels, hydrangeas are lush and full. Therefore, you won't have problems adding volume to any flower vase. Just remember to keep these flowers watered as they're usually thirsty blooms.


When in doubt, go with roses. After all, roses are an easy flower to love and are the top choice for holidays like Valentine's Day. Roses come in several colors, ranging from romantic red to calming pink to cheery yellow to elegant white. If your florist could find the rare black rose, your centerpiece would stand out. Some roses also have a distinct scent used in many beauty products.


Speaking of smell, what better way to freshen up a room than with lavender? In addition to their popular scent, the bold purple color will stand out in any centerpiece, especially if you contrast it with other white flowers. When these flowers dry out, save them and use them for potpourri.

When you visit our store for flowers for centerpieces, you have a 100% guarantee of getting your money back. However, we know you'll love our flowers, and we can't wait to help you. Visit us today for beautiful blooms for weddings, birthdays, sympathy, and more.



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