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What Are the Best Flower Arrangements for Funerals?

What Are the Best Flower Arrangements for Funerals?

Posted by Admin on 28th Dec 2023

The death of a loved one or friend often makes it difficult to put into words how one feels, but the gift of flowers can say so much during such unfortunate times. Humans have long ascribed meanings to different flowers, and funerals are no different.

Flower arrangements for funeral processions, wakes, and other events surrounding a person's passing can convey deep meaning to recipients and attendees, as well as lift the spirits of those closest to the deceased. In fact, the Society of American Foresters reveals that 65% of Americans feel better when they receive flowers.

Here are some of the most beautiful flowers for funerals, as well as the best colors for use at funerals or when the flowers are sent as gifts to the family.


One of the most common flowers seen at funerals are lilies, which, for some, represent peace and the promise of a new beginning despite the loss of a loved one.

The flower arrangements for funeral processions and events are usually white when lilies are part of the display. Lilies are elegant and serene, ideal for making people feel at peace while at a funeral.


Another common flower seen at funerals is the carnation, which is a popular flower for many occasions dealing with love, loss, and togetherness. White carnations are a serene choice, but pink is also a color that may convey gratitude and remembrance of the departed.

For families undertaking a viewing or visitation that may take several days, carnations are a beautiful flower for such occasions because they last several days without wilting.


Roses are often associated with true love, Valentine's Day, and other events where love is at the forefront, so they make a beautiful statement when included at a funeral, particularly when the giver is part of the family or a close family friend.

Common colors of roses used in flower arrangements for funeral events include white, red, and pink. Some may also choose yellow roses as they symbolize friendship.

All Flowers are Beautiful Flowers

Choosing a flower arrangement for a funeral shouldn't feel difficult. Whether you choose a deeply meaningful flower with a color to match or an arrangement that simply feels “right,” the recipient of your flowers will surely appreciate the gesture as they deal with their loss. Call Rose & Blossom today to ask about our options.



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