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What Are the Best Flowers to Give On Mother's Day?

What Are the Best Flowers to Give On Mother's Day?

18th Feb 2022

Mothers Day is one of those special days that most of us appreciate. Approximately $1.9 billion is spent on flowers on this special day. What flowers should you get for your mother or another maternal figure in your life?


Tulips have a variety of meanings, which vary according to the color you select. Purple, for example, is associated with monarchy, whereas crimson is associated with romantic love. Pink is generally associated with affection, while white can be used to express happiness or regret. Tulips come in a wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, including fringed, parrot, French, lily-fringed, and many others, each as unique as your mom. Tulips are the ultimate spring flower, and no matter what color or kind you choose, they'll bring a smile to your mother's face.


The flower that started it all is the carnation. On the anniversary of her mother's death in 1907, Anna Jarvis, the inventor of Mother's Day, delivered 500 white carnations (her mother's favorite flower) to every mother in her West Virginia congregation. And there are as many different interpretations as there are different hues. The pink carnation symbolizes a mother's affection, while white carnations, which symbolize pure or unconditional love and good luck, are also a suitable choice. Carnations are also one of the longest-lasting cut flowers available, ensuring that your present will last.


The orchid is the flower for the fashionable mother, the woman who enjoys new styles, exotic stylings, and bright hues. They're the most "evolved" of blooming plants, and they occur in a wide range of sizes and hues. They're also a simple houseplant to maintain. If you're undecided, go with pink, which symbolizes elegance, poise, and femininity.


Peonies come in a variety of colors, including white, pink, red, and even purple, and make a lovely arrangement for any mom. These flowers are symbolic of a range of things, from honor and good fortune to happy marriages, and are ideal as a gift from the family's father. Peonies also have the ability to grow extremely large, so a bouquet of these blooms is sure to be a show-stopper.

Mother's Day is special and so should the flower be that you choose for the day. You can go with many different types, such as tulips, carnations, orchids, or aromatic peonies. Support your local florist today!