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What Are the Best Valentine's Day Flowers (Besides Roses)?

What Are the Best Valentine's Day Flowers (Besides Roses)?

31st Jan 2024

Valentine's Day is known for being one of the most romantic holidays of the year. It makes sense that roses would be the best Valentines Day flowers because they symbolize romance, but what if you want to give something that isn't so cliche? You're in luck! There are several flowers you can give your beloved that aren't roses.


These gorgeous flowers are known for their beautiful colors and symbolizing love, making them a great choice for your Valentine. You can enjoy various colors, ensuring you can work their favorite color into the bouquet. Red tulips are an excellent alternative to roses. Tulips are also a great idea to give a friend or family member something for Valentine's Day.


Carnations are also gorgeous flowers that represent love. A pink carnation is a well-known symbol of gratitude, too. This makes it an excellent addition to any Valentine's Day bouquet. These beautiful flowers can create a unique bouquet or combine small pieces of bay's breath for a gorgeous arrangement.


Sunflowers are a positively radiant flower and remain a favorite. According to the Society of American Florists, about 89% of women say they feel special when they get flowers, and sunflowers can make a person feel special and brighten their day. These gorgeous flowers look beautiful in a bouquet by themselves. However, pair them with red tulips to create a happy, romantic bouquet.


If you're looking for various colors, daisies are a great idea. Daisies are usually available in bright, vivid colors and several pastel shades to ensure you can find the perfect color for your bouquet. These flowers aren't traditionally associated with romance but with happiness, making them the ideal gift for anyone who makes you smile.


Purple orchids can easily be the best Valentines Day flowers, especially if her favorite color is purple. These flowers were usually associated with wealth or royalty. Today, the color is associated with respect and admiration, making it an excellent gift for anyone you love. Pair purple orchids with other dark shades and a hint of baby's breath for a heavenly bouquet.

The best Valentines Day flowers are flowers that the recipient will love. We specialize in various arrangements, from simple floral arrangements to breathtaking bouquets. Contact Rose & Blossom to discuss what you're looking for, and we'll help you personalize the perfect arrangement.



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