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What Emotional Impact Can Flowers Have?

What Emotional Impact Can Flowers Have?

16th Nov 2022

Everyone knows two facts about flowers: they're pretty and they smell nice. Those two universal truths about flowers are the reason they're so often used as decorations and are given as gifts. In fact, according to the Society of American Florists, almost 90% of women report that being given flowers as a gift makes them feel appreciated and special. Let's dive into the emotional impact flowers can have.

Long-Term Positive Impact

A study conducted by Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, concluded that flowers provide both an immediate and a long-term positive emotional impact. Giving flowers is also a means of establishing an intimate connection, which is the reason why lovers and spouses often give one another a bouquet as a gift.

Welcoming Displays

Many people use flowers as decorations throughout their homes, according to the Rutgers study. Many homeowners will maintain a flower garden near the front porch, which visitors can see when they approach the house. Inside the home, homeowners often display flowers in vases and planters in areas where visitors are likely to be present, in the living room and dining room, for example. Flower displays make visitors feel more welcome.

Emotional Life Events

Flowers are also used as decorations for the two most common ceremonies people attend, weddings and funerals. The use of flowers at a wedding is a no-brainer, as they represent the blooming of new life. Flowers adorn the altar where the bride and groom are joined in holy matrimony. The bride will carry a bouquet of flowers which, after the end of the ceremony, she will throw for the unmarried women at the ceremony to catch. The throwing of the bouquet is an implied promise that the new life she is embarking on will soon be shared by the woman who catches it.

While flowers at a wedding are meant to express joy for the couple embarking on a new life, flowers at a funeral have a different purpose. They are meant to express sympathy for the family and friends of the dearly departed. They also represent a celebration of the life of the person who has died as well as a symbol of the afterlife.

Flowers represent life, beauty, and joy. Receivers smile and feel pleasure at the sight and smell of flowers. Giving a gift of flowers or displaying them is a wish for any who encounters them to feel happiness and contentment. To place an order for a gorgeous bouquet, contact Rose & Blossom today.



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