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Your Handy Guide for Creating Winter Wedding Flower Packages

Your Handy Guide for Creating Winter Wedding Flower Packages

31st Jan 2024

Creating stunning winter wedding flower packages is easy when you have the right support. Winter wedding flower packages provide a unique opportunity to include fun seasonal design elements. Here are some tips for creating beautiful flower packages for winter weddings.

1. Consider Availability

Using readily available flowers during the winter season is a great way to save money. There are plenty of options when you work with the right provider. Choosing flowers that complement the color scheme of the wedding and that are on theme is the basis of any wedding package.

Color plays a critical role in winter wedding flower package designs. Calla lilies, white roses, and other winter-colored blooms are always a popular option. Don’t forget to choose winter greenery that will complement the flowers.

2. Seasonal Elements

There are plenty of winter elements found in nature that can be incorporated into wedding flowers. Think evergreen foliage, deep dark red velvet, or forest green ribbons. Even a well-placed pinecone can add texture to wedding flowers. Look to nature to find simple seasonally appropriate elements.

Birch branches tucked in table arrangements add to that wintry feel. Incorporate lanterns in table displays to add a warm glow to the winter-themed wedding. Eucalyptus, holly berries, and more can all be incorporated to make floral arrangements stand out.

3. Theme Variety

Keep in mind as you are designing your winter wedding flower packages that just because the wedding is in the winter, it does not necessarily mean all the flowers need to be white. You can choose colorful blooms to add a pop of color to your winter wedding.

Buying a complete package including bridal bouquets, boutonnieres, bridal party bouquet options, table arrangements, and other arrangement options from the same source will ensure a consistent appearance. Most couples will want at least a bridal bouquet and table arrangements. According to Bride Magazine, bride bouquets have been a staple since early 19th century England. Incorporating this classic piece is significant for any wedding.

Winter wedding flower packages from the right source can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you choose a few simple pieces or an extravagant number of displays, working with the right provider will ensure your winter wedding flowers are stunning. Call Rose & Blossom today to learn more about wedding floral packages.



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