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#FF5722*Orange Flowers

  • So Lovely

    So Lovely

    This is a brilliant selection of 3 Roses, 2 Gerbera Daisies, 1 stem of Lily, 2 Hydrangea, and 3 carnations, 1 alstroemeria.  So lovely to let someone know just how much you care. The colors and variety of flowers may vary depending on availability...

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  • Romantic Sunset Bouquet

    Romantic Sunset Bouquet

    This stunning arrangement has 12 orange & Hot Pink roses, 6 Stems of Hydrangea, 3 Stems of Mini Spray Roses, and 10 Fragrant Stock accented, with tropical leaves in a glass vase. It measures 24" tall X 16" wide Select Deluxe or...

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  • Blooming Beauty- Brights

    Blooming Beauty- Brights

    Including the rich tones of a sunset, this beautiful arrangement is designed with 6 Orange roses, 2 Pink Oriental lilies, 1 Green hydrangea and rich greenery, curly willow  28" tall x 16" wide.   DELUXE- Adds $25- 3 more roses, & 2 stems...

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  • Sunset Blossoms

    Sunset Blossoms

    Blossoms of a sunset, with blaze of color -- oranges, pearly pinks, vibrant purples...6 Roses, 2 stems Oriental Lilies, 3 Carnations, 5 linear flowers, and Hydrangea. 24" tall x 16" wide- 

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  • You are My Sunshine

    You are My Sunshine

    This design is overflowing with premium flowers like 12 orange Roses, 6 white and green Hydrangea, 4 stems mini spray roses,  and 10 fragrant Stock.  They are elegantly arranged in a  glass vase. The large size and grand presentation is...

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  • Bright Day Pave Bouquet

    Bright Day Pave Bouquet

    This will make anybody's day a Bright Day!  Six jewel bright roses, hydrangea, and 2 hypericum, 1 alstroemeria, accents are combined in a colorful combination in a pave style. 12" wide x 10" tall. (Individual flower colors will vary because of...

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  • Tropical Vibes

    Tropical Vibes

    This modern arrangement reminds us of warm tropical vibes. About 12" in diameter plus tropical greens extended. Includes: 3 Peach/Orange roses, 1 Pin Cushion Protea, 3 Fuchsia Carnations, 2 Cymbidium Orchids, 1 Alstroemeria, 1 Green Trick, 1 Mini Green...

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  • Sunshine Posy

    Sunshine Posy

    This Perfect combination of flowers is bright and cheerful. 3 Orange Roses, 2 Sunflowers, 2 Liatris (or Purple sub) accented with 1 Pink Spray Rose and 2 Wax (or sub), Curly Willow, 2 Aralia, 1 Variegated Pittosporum, 2 Salal, 1 Myrtle 16" tall x 14"...

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