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#9C27B0*Purple Flowers

  • So Lovely

    So Lovely

    This is a brilliant selection of 3 Roses, 2 Gerbera Daisies, 1 stem of Lily, 2 Hydrangea, and 3 carnations, 1 alstroemeria.  So lovely to let someone know just how much you care. The colors and variety of flowers may vary depending on availability...

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  • Romantic Sunset Bouquet

    Romantic Sunset Bouquet

    This stunning arrangement has 12 orange & Hot Pink roses, 6 Stems of Hydrangea, 3 Stems of Mini Spray Roses, and 10 Fragrant Stock accented, with tropical leaves in a glass vase. It measures 24" tall X 16" wide Select Deluxe or...

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  • Bright Day Pave Bouquet

    Bright Day Pave Bouquet

    This will make anybody's day a Bright Day!  Six jewel bright roses, hydrangea, and 2 hypericum, 1 alstroemeria, accents are combined in a colorful combination in a pave style. 12" wide x 10" tall. (Individual flower colors will vary because of...

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  • Tropical Vibes

    Tropical Vibes

    This modern arrangement reminds us of warm tropical vibes. About 12" in diameter plus tropical greens extended. Includes: 3 Peach/Orange roses, 1 Pin Cushion Protea, 3 Fuchsia Carnations, 2 Cymbidium Orchids, 1 Alstroemeria, 1 Green Trick, 1 Mini Green...

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  • Forever Cherished Casket Spray

    Forever Cherished Casket Spray

    Green Carnation (Green) 12Pink Roses 18Hot Pink Carnation (Hot Pink) 12Purple Larkspur 5Purple Stock 10Bells of Ireland 6Green Hypericum Berry 8Fern (Leatherleaf) 10Lily Grass 10Pittosporum (Variegated) 6Sprengeri Fern 8Fern (Emerald) 6Statice 3  

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  • Monet's Garden

    Monet's Garden

    This dreamy pastel color combination is inspired by Monet's paintings.  15" wide x 15" tall  Recipe in shades of Lavender, Pink, and Peach, 1 Hydrangea, 6 Roses, 2 spray roses, 6 carnations, 2 Accent flowers, 2 filler flowers, eucalyptus...

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  • Over the Rainbow

    Over the Rainbow

    The Over The Rainbow design features a rainbow of colors and flowers. (Flowers Vary Season to Season) 16" tall x 16" wide- low and lush- in a Lula vase Recipe Shown: (Subject to change daily, but same look and fee will be kept with colors)- 1...

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  • Butterfly Kisses

    Butterfly Kisses

    3 Light Pink Roses, 3 Hot Pink Roses, 3 Alstroemeria, Wax-flower or (Sub), 1 Hydrangea,  1 Variegated Pitt, 1 salal tips, 3 Aralia/Aspid, Eucalyptus, 3 Butterflies. 15"+ wide x 16" tall. (Individual flower colors will vary because of inventory...

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  • Orchid Planter

    Orchid Planter

    This delightful plant has mini orchid plant and is accented with a green foliage plant. The container is about 6" wide and the plant is about 18" tall.  COLOR OF ORCHID WILL VARY!

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  • Bright with Joy!

    Bright with Joy!

    Perfect to brighten anyone's day! In this compact cheerful design, we combine 2 hydrangea, 12 assorted lavender, hot pink, and orange roses, and 5 stems stock flower, 3 filler flowers, 2 Aralia, 3 pitt, 2 salal. About 18" tall x 16" wide.

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