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How to Take Care of Your Valentine's Day Flowers

How to Take Care of Your Valentine's Day Flowers

28th Feb 2023

Did you receive Valentine's Day flowers? On this holiday centered around love, close to 73% of flowers are purchased by men, according to Statistic Brain. If you want to keep your flowers alive, you're in the right place. Below we've covered four tips for taking care of the flowers and keeping them thriving. Review these tips in great detail, and soon you'll be a natural at keeping these beautiful bouquets alive!

Thoroughly Clean the Vase

The vase must be thoroughly clean if you have received flowers in the packaging and need to transfer them to a vase. It will suffice to clean the vase in the dishwasher if you have a plastic vase considered dishwasher-safe. On the other hand, if your vase is crystal or porcelain, carefully wash it by hand. The cleaning process is vital since unwashed vases can contain bacteria and fungi that will quickly make the blooms wilt.

Keep Flowers Away From Heat

Ensure that you do not place your bouquet close to heat sources. Examples of where not to set your flowers include close to radiators, heaters, dishwashers, or direct sunlight windows. The heat will make the flowers lose their strength and colors quickly. Instead, place the bouquet on a dining room table, a bedside table, or close to an indirect sunlight window.

Feed the Flowers

Nothing is as beneficial as giving your flowers the appropriate nutrients. More often than not, Valentine's Day flowers will come with a pack of plant food that you should directly put into the vase right after getting them home. If you don't have plant food, add a teaspoon of sugar to the water to ensure proper nutrients. This sugar will allow the blooms to obtain carbohydrates and gives the false signal that the flower is still connected to its roots, resulting in them blooming longer.

Recut the Stems

After removing the bouquet from the packaging, allow it to go out and breathe. Once the stems have had some time in the fresh air, get a set of sharp scissors and cut them at a 45-degree angle. This cut should be a manageable length, approximately about one inch long. Recutting the stems is essential for the flowers to soak up more water and remain in good condition for longer.

Review these tips above for taking care of your Valentine's Day flowers and watch your bouquet thrive for days! Place an order for a new arrangement by contacting Rose & Blossom today.



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