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What Flowers Should You Give This Valentine's Day?

What Flowers Should You Give This Valentine's Day?

19th Jan 2022

Valentines Day flowers are a timeless gift anyone can gift a friend, partner, or other loved one. Although almost everyone expects you to give your love flowers on Valentine's Day, it can be tricky knowing which flowers to give.

Fortunately, we've got you covered. This list of Valentines Day flowers will not only help you make your Valentine feel special but also show them that you actually put thought into their gift.


You knew this beautiful flower would be on the list. Roses are closely associated with Valentine's Day, and men seem to think it's the option that is most guaranteed to satisfy their partners. With 73% of Valentines Day flowers being bought by men, it's not surprising roses sell so well!

Purple Orchids

This flower is delicate and exotic, and if you want to give a unique gift that will take your partner's breath away, this is it. Also, orchids can last for years, so you'll have a lovely reminder of your love for your significant other.


Tulips are wonderful but underrated flowers that come in many gorgeous colors. They're almost simplistic in their beauty, which makes them fantastic for anyone who doesn't like too much frill and fuss.

Rose Lilies

Is your partner sophisticated and breath-taking? In that case, rose lilies are perfect! They represent grace and joy and are stunning.


Alstroemeria, better known as the Peruvian Lily, makes for a wonderful Valentine's Day gift. They are delicate, beautiful, and last long. They also represent devotion, so you can show your special person that you're really deeply in love.

Calla Lilies

If you have a Valentine who is more into black and somber aesthetics, get them midnight Calla Lilies. These flowers are dazzling with a hint of mystery - perfect for a person who considers themself a dark romantic.

White Daisies

Daisies are another example of under appreciated flowers that are perfect for Valentine's Day. They radiate joy and happiness and will make your partner feel special and loved.


This is a bright and eye-catching flower with lovely natural charms. It's perfect for showing someone you love that they light up the room with their beauty and allure just like this flower.

Consider these options as you purchase Valentines Day flowers this year! You're sure to blow them away if you pick any of the flowers on this list! Contact Rose & Blossom to get started on your order today.



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