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The History of Wedding Bouquets

The History of Wedding Bouquets

25th May 2023

It's common for women to love bouquets. But, do you know who doesn't? The spirits. Funnily, bouquets were used to ward off evil spirits and bring good luck. In fact, the 19th century saw the use of th … read more

Top Spring Wedding Flower Trends

23rd Apr 2018

Springtime is a great time of the year to get married. There’s a reason it’s one of the most popular times for weddings. The weather starts to get warmer, you see more of the sun, snow melts and flowe … read more

Ideas to Celebrate Mother's Day!

Posted by Rose & Blossom on 29th Mar 2017

Mother’s Day is on its way (Mum’s Day is Sunday, May 14th by the way!), which means that it’s time to connect with Mom, give thanks, and share memories. As the matriarch holiday approaches, we thought … read more

Spring Means Flowers Here in Eastern Washington!

Posted by Rose & Blossom on 21st Mar 2017

We’re admittedly obsessed with flowers here at Rose & Blossom, your local flower shop. And we’re ecstatic that spring is finally here, because spring brings flower blossoms! If you missed it, the … read more

Cultivating the Right Compost

Posted by Rose & Blossom on 2nd Sep 2016

Here at Rose & Blossom, we love gardening. Gardening produces delicious, healthy treats. It keeps the bees buzzing. It provides us with a beautiful oasis. And of course, it provides us with fresh … read more


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